Knowledge. Believe. Feeling.

All of this has its place with us.

We are an open house
for all members of the university and college:
students, employees, teachers.

But our door is open also
to all other young adults:
whether just before the A-levels or after,
with work experience or without,
whether you like being Catholic
or just not so sure,
how you currently feel about the church.

You can meet people with us,
who want to shape their lives out of faith:
with all the questions,
criticism and debate is just as much a part of it
like the experience of home and community.

We are the church at the university
in close contact with the Protestant student community,
open to interreligious dialogue,
for example with the Muslim University Group,
and we are interested in talking to everyone,
who care about our world,
and who have a vision of a good future.

People meet with us
to exchange & discuss,
eat & drink,
relax & celebrate,
for prayer & worship.

And even if you need help,
you are right with us.
The KHG team is always available
for discussions.

You can get involved with us
and launch initiatives yourself.

Be part of it!